Mini AIR Application


If your campus department has an idea for a specific project that could partner with AIR, we’d love to assist. Mini AIR’s go toward campus projects focused on the arts and that, consistent with our mission, seek to engage students and the campus community at large. Mini AIR’s should also follow our objective of interdisciplinary, collaborative projects.

At present, the AIR program does not issue a regular call for proposals. MU's AIRs are planned by the AIR Advisory Committee and AIR staff in consultation with specific programs and areas on campus. AIR’s mission is to invite established and emerging artists to MU to celebrate the arts and cultivate creativity across disciplines.


Any University of Missouri-Columbia department or program. Funding may not be used for any capital expense. Applicants may not apply more than once per year. All requests are subject to availability. Funding from AIR may not be the sole funding for the proposal.

Funding Amount & Deadlines

Funding for Mini AIR’s ranges from $500-$2,000 per project. Deadlines are March 1 (fall semester) and October 1 (spring semester). Notification will occur within the month following the funding deadline.

*Please include the start date of the project, keeping in mind the funding deadlines and the notification timeline
*Please include other sources and amounts of funding, including any proposed or pending funding
In particular, please describe any student engagement and interaction that would occur as a result of this project
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