Established in 2019, MU’s Artist in Residence (AIR) is a program of the College of Arts and Science and a collaboration of the Museum of Art and Archaeology, School of Music, Department of Theatre, School of Visual Studies, and Department of English. Working together, these principals have focused the program’s mission to that of inviting established and emerging artists to MU to celebrate the arts and cultivate creativity across disciplines. The AIR helps to position MU as a national leader in supporting the arts and building a creative economy.

Artists in Residence at MU
Poetry & Art in Projection
Fall 2020
Center for Health Ethics
October 2020
Graphic Design & Projection
Fall 2020
Actor & Singer
Center for Health Ethics
Spring 2021
Dean Pat Okker

As a special initiative of the Chancellor, the Artist in Residence program brings to campus both emerging and established artists. The College of Arts and Science is proud to be the home of this program that celebrates bringing the arts to all.

-Dean Pat Okker